GDPR: How do you track down the right customer data?

14th of December 2017 - Jade Thomas
How do you search for a customer’s record, in a timely manner, and be confident you have found the right records across all systems? I have been chatting to a lot of data teams across many organisations and there seems to be a few GDPR technical issues that are bubbling up to the surface. In […] more



Why fraudsters should fear Artificial Intelligence

1st of December 2017 - quantexa
When combined with network analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) can help businesses recognise and combat fraud. Deceit, crime and corruption is rapidly infiltrating every day modern society. Fraud, in all its forms, can absolutely be categorised as anti-social behaviour. Fraud can be split into two categories; those perpetrated directly against victims, such as theft of an […] more



Business Cloud: data analytics provider Quantexa turns up the heat on fraudsters

8th of December 2017 - Jade Thomas
Vishal Marria, CEO of the London-based firm, speaks with Business Cloud about the headache of real-time fraud prevention A London-based entrepreneur believes he could solve the headache of fraud prevention after growing his start-up to more than 50 staff in just 20 months. Vishal Marria has worked in the data and financial crime space since 2005, leading global […] more



Fraud Prevention: Does one size fit all?

21st of November 2017 - quantexa
Fraud is a complex and far-reaching issue, having this year become the crime most commonly experienced in the UK. From international credit card fraud to opportunistic insurance fraud, the multi-faceted nature of fraud means that it cannot be tackled using a one-size-fits-all approach. Criminals use a variety of deceptive and underhand tactics to ensure that […] more



Why are banks becoming more susceptible to money laundering?

3rd of November 2017 - quantexa
Financial crime, especially money laundering, remains a complex issue for financial institutions to tackle. All banks have Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems in place, yet global money laundering transactions are still estimated at 2 to 5 per cent of global GDP –   US$800 million and US$2 trillion – but only 1 per cent are seized by […] more



The criminals are innovating. So must the insurers

29th of August 2017 - quantexa
Insurance fraud is a well-known and long-established problem. It has many guises and ranges from tiny one-off opportunistic cases through to multi-million dollar syndicates of customers and suppliers working together to routinely and expertly defraud the insurer. Some of the lessons learned in Europe and the US are yet to head East and whilst the […] more



The evolution of network analytics

13th of September 2017 - quantexa
Representing data as real world events, entities and networks. There has been a paradigm shift over the last decade in the application of analytics: it is not the algorithms that have progressed, but rather the preparation of the underlying data. Traditionally, statistics have focused on “observations” or “events”. However, these do not represent the richness […] more



5 step recipe for Network Analytics – a real world approach, delivering tangible results using AI

9th of August 2017 - quantexa
Whether you like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, and with almost every technology company saying “we use AI” and “we can make you 1million % more effective”, businesses are not only interested in how to use AI, but are under pressure to make it work! So why are businesses so […] more



Stop wasting time on RPA, jump straight to AI

19th of July 2017 - quantexa
In a world of digitisation and self-service channels, the shrewd organisations are racing towards headcount and cost reduction to create competitive advantage – potentially signalling the end of the white-collar worker. A small industry of consultancies armed with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)software are turning up at Bricks and Mortar businesses promising huge headcount reductions. In a […] more
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