Markets Transaction Monitoring

Leading global banks are reassessing the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems that protect their Markets business.

Many systems rely heavily on non-Markets specific detection models and manual supporting processes. This leads to reduced effectiveness and rising costs due to inefficiency.

Quantexa use a new approach: contextual monitoring.  In contextual monitoring, entity and network techniques are used in combination with advanced analytical methods –  such as behavioural and peer group analysis –  to detect anomalous and suspect activity. This gives you the most complete knowledge of your Markets clients at a given point in time, including their past historical activity and relevant relationships.

Our approach provides an aggregated view of risk across all the available data. It replicates the laborious parts of your investigative process in an automated, yet fully transparent and understandable, manner.

Our contextual monitoring approach helps Markets AML by giving:

  1. Increased coverage of clients and segments.
  2. More effective alerts of suspect behaviour.
  3. Efficiencies in completing investigations.
  4. Greater agility to adapt to and detect new behaviours

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