August 2017



The criminals are innovating. So must the insurers

29th of August 2017 - quantexa
Insurance fraud is a well-known and long-established problem. It has many guises and ranges from tiny one-off opportunistic cases through to multi-million dollar syndicates of customers and suppliers working together to routinely and expertly defraud the insurer. Some of the lessons learned in Europe and the US are yet to head East and whilst the […] more



5 step recipe for Network Analytics – a real world approach, delivering tangible results using AI

9th of August 2017 - quantexa
Whether you like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, and with almost every technology company saying “we use AI” and “we can make you 1million % more effective”, businesses are not only interested in how to use AI, but are under pressure to make it work! So why are businesses so […] more
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