November 2017

Press release


Quantexa hires ex-Deutsche Bank & RBC AML global head Karim Rajwani

Tuesday 28th of November 2017
Quantexa, the big data start-up, has hired Karim Rajwani, as Global AML Advisor. He has has joined from Deutsche Bank where he was Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Global Head of Financial Intelligence. Prior to Deutsche Bank, Rajwani was Global Head of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) at Royal Bank of Canada. Rajwani was responsible for the […] more



Fraud Prevention: Does one size fit all?

21st of November 2017 - quantexa
Fraud is a complex and far-reaching issue, having this year become the crime most commonly experienced in the UK. From international credit card fraud to opportunistic insurance fraud, the multi-faceted nature of fraud means that it cannot be tackled using a one-size-fits-all approach. Criminals use a variety of deceptive and underhand tactics to ensure that […] more



Why are banks becoming more susceptible to money laundering?

3rd of November 2017 - quantexa
Financial crime, especially money laundering, remains a complex issue for financial institutions to tackle. All banks have Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems in place, yet global money laundering transactions are still estimated at 2 to 5 per cent of global GDP –   US$800 million and US$2 trillion – but only 1 per cent are seized by […] more
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