April 2018



Why banks can’t see the forest for trees when it comes to money laundering

17th of April 2018 - Jade Thomas
Karim Rajwani, Global AML Advisor at Quantexa 2017 saw several of the UK’s top tier banks accused of inadvertently facilitating the laundering of enormous sums of money thought to be linked to crime rings and corrupt officials. Much of the media furore surrounding the scandals criticized the UK for being a target for international criminals looking […] more



AI Automates 93% of Decisions Accurately – A Case Study

9th of April 2018 - Jade Thomas
Organisations across the globe are making billions of decisions every day. They are striving to execute decisions faster and more accurately to improve customer service and reduce costs. Most decisions are, of course, only as good as the facts upon which they are based. Shrewd organisations have realised that the more data that is assessed […] more

Press release



Monday 9th of April 2018
London, April 2018 – Quantexa, the big data start-up, announces that its technology is supporting HSBC with the bank’s work to combat money laundering, following a successful pilot. HSBC will integrate Quantexa technology into its systems this year. The technology will allow HSBC to spot potential money laundering activity by analysing internal, publicly available, and […] more
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