Meet: Charlotte E-K.

Charlotte Ellis-Keeler.                                                                                                              

Work Experience Programme

The Quantexa work experience programme is a week long opportunity for teenage girls aged 16 and 17 to learn first hand how exciting it is to work in I.T. Started by our co-founder and avid women in tech advocate Laura Hutton, the program aims to develop participant’s skills, expose them to successful female mentors, and inspire their passion for a continued career in I.T.

Location: London

Who I am:

I am a sixth form student, currently moving into my final year of school. I study Biology, Chemistry and Maths, and hope to pursue Chemistry at University.

Chemistry is such a broad subject and relates to everything around us. The skills I develop allow me to apply logical reasoning to real life scenarios in order to create solutions or in some cases physical products. It is an area of a science which is constantly growing and changing, which means there is always more to learn. The intellectual curiosity required means I am always challenged in my studies, an element I particularly enjoy.

In the future, due to rapid advancements in technology and empowerment for girls in STEM, it is an innovative and creative place to be. I hope to be in a career where I am able to utilise my interest in problem solving, and technology, which would then enable me to help people.

What I do:

During my time at Quantexa, we had a huge exposure to the day-to-day operations of the company, from spending time with analysts, to going to customer meetings, as well as learning about the software itself. We were given a research project to look at the Azerbaijan Laundromat and provided with over 50,000 transactions on an excel data sheet. We decided to look into patterns and transactions made in Danske bank, and found a connection to the corrupt elites in Azerbaijan, and a shell company with a high transaction rate. It was very satisfying experience as we were able to breakdown thousands of different transactions to then uncover connections with the corrupt elites in Azerbaijan. This was so engaging because it has a real impact upon people’s lives and wellbeing, so uncovering a network independently was very rewarding.

In addition to this, we also received an introduction to the Quantexa software, which was a highlight as I was able to understand how a complex piece of technology was able to simplify and increase the efficiency of businesses when looking for fraudulent activity. Seeing this logic, and structure being applied within a company was so exciting.

Another exciting aspect was the fact that we were able to go to different customer meetings and pitches. This was truly invaluable experience, as we were able to see the relationship with different clients, and how Quantexa can be adapted to the varying needs. We also were able to see the demos in action which was exciting, as we could see how complex networks could be uncovered in a matter of minutes.

I really enjoyed meeting so many different people from within the firm. It was really interesting to hear everyone’s different career paths and experiences. Everyone I met was so friendly which is a testament to the great culture at the company.

What I love:

Away from my studies, I enjoy swimming and ballet, having just completed my Grade 7 exam. I also love to bake, I always try to make something different each week whether it be for family or friends!

August 27, 2018

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