Meet: Sophia H.

Sophia H.                                                                                                    

Work Experience Programme

The Quantexa work experience programme is a week long opportunity for teenage girls aged 16 and 17 to learn first hand how exciting it is to work in I.T. Started by our co-founder and avid women in tech advocate Laura Hutton, the programme aims to develop participants’ skills, expose them to successful female mentors, and inspire their passion for a continued career in I.T.

Location: London

Who I am:

I am currently a student moving into my last year of A-levels studying Maths, Physics, Further Maths and Economics and am interested in potentially pursuing an engineering degree in the future. I find the problem-solving aspect of engineering intriguing, as it presents the opportunity to combine maths and strategic thinking along with a more creative outlook. Also, given the fast-pace of innovation and technology, it is a career where you can continue to grow knowledge and continue to learn, a trait which also entices me to the subject.

What I do:

During my week at Quantexa, I have been given a research project concerning the Azerbaijan Laundromat whereby I have had to analyse data from excel sheets containing the fraudulent transactions amongst many other legitimate transactions. Given I had little knowledge about how to use excel, this has enabled me to learn how to maneuver through a large set and then set out my findings into something visually digestible. In addition to this project, I was also given the opportunity to attend internal and external meetings with clients such as Danske Bank, Go Cardless and Barclays, and was given a small project of making a list of keywords for the Matchdeck to find possible acquisition possibilities for Shell. Despite playing only a small part in the project, I really enjoyed seeing how my role was then taken to the next step to attain possible matches. Through attending different meetings I was also able to witness the different roles within the company ranging from sales people, data scientists and coders; despite the opposite sides of the spectrum they are on, they very often worked closely together highlighting the importance of communication when developing a product.

What I love:

Beyond my school-work and intellectual curiosities, I really enjoy sports, mainly tennis and netball which I play competitively. Moreover, though I play less regularly I also like engaging in adrenaline sports. In general I really like taking part in group activities where there is a goal to achieve; the most recent example being a fundraising challenge where we had to raise money for a Romanian charity running a stall.


August 10, 2018

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