Meet: Symran B.

Symran B                                                                                                  

Rotational Intern

Location: London

Who I am 

I am a Business Computing BSc. I chose this because it combines a unique set of skills that allow me to branch out in many different areas of a single business. I do not know exactly what I want to do; therefore, doing such a degree allows me to venture into many areas. I like this subject area because of the fact that I gain transferable skills and gained the ability to mould into various sectors of one business, rather than having a narrow subject where the skills can only be applied to a minority of sectors.

What I do 

I was part of the rotational internship programme at Quantexa, and while here I have learnt that there is a huge difference between academia and working life. There are many things that academics do not teach that you must know. Therefore, Quantexa has been a great in filling these gaps. I was very fortunate to start and working career with such a friendly company. In addition, they have taught me skills that I wasn’t even aware of such as: operations, creativity. In addition, I learnt about how the company fits together as a team and how every individual has such a vital role in Quantexa’s success.

In the future my goal is to venture more into operations and marketing as these sectors interested me the most and I believe that I can succeed in these areas. However, they are both very different; thus, I wish to gain more experience in both areas in the near future.

What I love

My hobby is baking.

August 27, 2018

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